Snapdragon 8150 AI benchmark crushes the competition, Helio P80 a close second

Aside from CPU and GPU benchmarks, modern chipsets need to worry about AI performance too. The upcoming Snapdragon 8150 from Qualcomm may claim the top spot, at least in Android-land.

A test of the dev platform (i.e. a prototype board) shows close to double the performance of the current Snapdragon 845. Which, according to the benchmark, is an even match to Huawei’s latest Kirin 980.

Speaking of the latest Kirin, Huawei was touting a 2x improvement in AI performance over the 970, but as far as this benchmark is concerned, it’s more like a 15% bump. The Kirin 980 score is just under that of the Snapdragon 845.

There’s a catch – the Snapdragon 845 score from the OnePlus 6 is spectacular, the one from the Pixel 3 is merely “meh”. Both have the same chipset, except the Google phone has a dedicated core that handles the image processing magic. So, these scores are somewhat questionable.

Still, we were surprised to see which chipset won second place – MediaTek’s Helio P80. It scores much higher than the S845, nearly as high as the Snapdragon 8150. This will be a massive jump from the current Helio P60/P70 (a +200% boost!).

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